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Heavy haulage to Sweden, Norway and more

The Merikiito Speditions GmbH is your professional transport provider for your oversized and overweight cargo from and to Germany, Russia, Scandinavia or into the Baltic States.

Abnormal loads, out of gauge cargo and special transports are solved by us with ease and are no impossible task for us.

With a modern and complex vehicle fleet we are well equipped for transports of cargo which others would not dare to move. We use …

  • lowloaders
  • lowbed trucks
  • girder bridges
  • open and expandable trailers
  • extendable and tele trailers
  • other special trucks

… for your needs to move you out of gauge cargo to the destination you wish. We hereby professionally take care that your cargo with high weight and/or dimensions arrives to its destination safely.

Reliable transport company for europe wide heavy haulage

Special transports, heavy and oversized transports demand permissions to be carried out. Our company surely also organizes all necessary permissions and documents you need for your transport projects.

We carry out the following kind of transports for you:

  • oversized transport – high dimensions, low weight
  • heavy haulage – normal dimensions, very high weight
  • combination of oversized and heavy transport
  • overlength transports – cargo with length of over 20 meters

If you got questions about our services for oversized, overweight and overlength transport please contact us. We will issue an offer for you, answer your questions and deliver your cargo to its destination in time.

with us, the customer is still king - no if's and but's.

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